Ecuador Loja

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Single Farm Microlot

Ecuador is one of the more elusive coffee origins and the biodiversity of the region results in a truly beautiful cup of coffee. This limited release coffee is meticulously grown and harvested among lemons, oranges, papaya, bananas, and yucca under a forest of natural trees on a 20-acre farm called Finca Clara Luz in Loja Ecuador. This region, high in the Andes Mountains, arguably produces the country’s finest specialty altitude coffee. 

Roast Level: Light/Medium

Tasting Notes: Clover Honey, Grapefruit, Clean

Grower: Servio Gonzales Jimenez

Region: Quilanga, Loja

Elevation: 1720 meters

Process: Fully Washed

Artisan roasted in Torrey, Utah

About the grower: 

Finca Clara Luz is located in the Huancocolla Valley, around ancient settlements of indigenous tribes. The surrounding area belongs to the Natural Reserve of Parque Nacional Yacuri, preserving the wonders of the natural forests and fauna that thrive in the mountains. The coffee farm Clara Luz was established around the turn of the 20th century and the González Jimenez family took over from 1935, growing and cultivating such unique cherries for the specialty coffee industry. Servio González Jiménez, focuses on quality, which was recognized with a second place finish in the 2018 Gold Cup Best and fifth place finish in the 2019 Best of Loja coffee competitions. 

Available in 12oz Biotre bag