Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Medium/Dark Roast

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Single origin coffee grown by Bekele Heto in Worka-Sakaro, Gedeo Zone at 1800-2100 meters above sea level in Luvisols soil. These organically-grown beans have been processed full natural and dried on raised beds. Sweet raspberry tasting notes with orange, dark chocolate, & green apple.

Available in 12oz Biotre bag

About the grower:  Bekele Heto, at 52 years old, grows coffee on his 38-acre farm in the coveted Gedeo Zone which is located in some of the highest growing elevations for coffee in the world. This narrow section of plateau is dense with savvy farmers whose coffee is known as “Yirgacheffe”. This more remote corner of the Gedeo plateau produces some of the most beautifully perfumed and candy-like natural coffees one can find in all of Ethiopia. Coffee is Bekele Heto’s main source of income that he uses to support his family of 14.