Guatemala Los Volcanes

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Single Origin

A classic from the fabled Guatemalan coffee region of Antigua, Los Volcanes is a world-renowned coffee grown by some of the top smallholder farms in the region. The soil is rich in minerals and nutrients which are ideal for creating a complex and velvety cup. Guatemala Los Volcanes is one of the most versatile coffees we roast and comes highly recommended for a smooth, balanced, and dense body. Very chocolaty with notes of toffee.

Roast Level: Dark

Tasting Notes: Rich Chocolate, Toffee, Smooth

Grower: Small Farmers with Protected Designation of Origin

Region: Antigua

Elevation: 1200-1615 meters

Process: Fully Washed

Artisan roasted by Shawn in Torrey, Utah

About the growers: Los Volcanes beans are sourced from family-owned farms located between two volcanoes named Agua (water) and Fuego (fire). This famed region has a protected designation of origin (PDO) because of Antigua's renowned coffee reputation. Beans are grown under a canopy of native grevillea shade trees called chalum (ingas).

Available in 12oz Biotre bag