Mexico Chiapas Balam

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Single Origin Micro-Lot, Organically-Grown

A great daily drinker! This specialized micro-lot is one of our favorites from the region. This carefully roasted coffee is perfect for those who love a full bodied and chocolaty cup.

Roast Level: Dark

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Almond

Growers: producers organized around Ek Balam Productores del Jaguar S.C. DE R. L. de C.V

Region: Sierra Madre, Chiapas, Mexico

Elevation: 950-1650 masl

Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun

Artisan roasted in Torrey, Utah

About the growers: Ek Balam Productores del Jaguar S.C. DE R. L. de C.V is a newly formed cooperative in the region of Mexico known as “the Golden Belt” of coffee. The vast majority of producers have indigenous roots and continue to speak a native language. Nearly one third of these growers are women who depend on income from coffee to support their families. They cultivate coffee on farms that average just a few acres in size, small enough for each producer to process their own coffee with their own micro-mill. 

Available in 12oz Biotre bag