About Us

We jokingly say that “Shooke” is the celebrity name for Shawn & Brooke. Our name means so much more than that now. It’s about coming together. Our passion for community, sustainability, friendship, Utah, & good coffee is what drives us to do what we do.

With over 14 years of experience as a coffee roaster, Shawn (affectionately known as "Roast Master General") is excited to bring in coffees from around the world and put his knack for roasting into every bean.

Shawn has traveled to Sumatra, Indonesia with Fair Trade USA visiting coffee farms and co-ops. Having the opportunity to meet the growers and see the entire harvesting process has greatly inspired and helped him understand his role in roasting coffee.

As a member of the Coffee Roasters Guild, Shawn has continued to learn from experts in the industry about purchasing green coffee, profiling beans, and new roasting techniques.

Brooke’s extensive knowledge as a barista helps connect our roastery to you, the coffee lovers.

At Shooke Coffee Roasters, we know exactly where our green coffee beans come from and how they are grown and harvested. We source the best coffee from small farmers and ensure it's roasted to fully enhance the flavor of each bean. We never compromise quality.

We look forward to sharing our passion for coffee and bringing you new and exciting varieties. So drink up friends! We hope you enjoy every sip.