Bali Blue Moon

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Single Origin, Organically Grown, Rainforest Alliance 

Bali Blue Moon is named after the hallmark bluish hue of the bean produced from the wet-hulling process called Giling Basah in the Indonesian language. It's smooth and complex with delicate earthy notes of cedar and bakers chocolate. This roast produces a full bodied cup with a heavy, thicker mouthfeel and pleasant acidity.

Roast: Dark

Tasting Notes: Cedar, Baker's Chocolate, Earthy

Grower: Subak Abian

Region: Kintamani Highlands

Elevation: 1200-1600 meters

Process: Wet Hulled

Artisan roasted in Torrey, Utah

About the growers:  This coffee comes from small family-owned farms where each producer uses a few acres to cultivate coffee along with citrus trees in the volcanic soils of Mount Agung’s Kintamani highlands. Balinese producers continue to maintain a traditional rural lifestyle organized around a Subak Abian, which is a reference to the ecologically sustainable irrigation systems developed more than 1,000 years ago by Hindu priests who practice Tri Hita Karana (the three sources of prosperity), a philosophy focused on the harmonization between the environment, humans and God. These traditions are followed in coffee cultivation, which means pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are never used. 

Available in 12oz Biotre bag